Data Centers big and small have the same three core components: compute, storage and networking. The size of the data center, the focus of the organization and technology in use alter the priorities of these components but are all important to the functioning of an efficient data center infrastructure. Many organizations have IT specialist that are proficient in one, maybe two, but rarely all three core components. We at Paliton Networks not only are proficient in all three areas but fundamentally understand how they work together. What happens to the servers if we change storage or over subscribe it? What happens to storage if we change network parameters?  What happens if we add a dozen new servers?  Understanding how one impacts other other two not only controls operational costs, but limits the impact of growth by building infrastructure that evolves together rather than requiring refreshment.

Whether you are building a new data center or have one you need help managing, we at Paliton Networks can help create the road map to meet the goals for your organization. Physical or Virtual servers? How about virtual networks? Unified fabric networks? Block or file storage? How about software borders? Host based or infrastructure security, both? How to provision? How to upgrade? How to manage? How to recover from a disaster? or an intrusion? Planning a data center goes way beyond Cisco vs. Juniper or HP vs. Dell. These questions and many more are what we use to create a customized plan for our customers.